The North Florida Green Chamber of Commerce (NFGCC) is recognizing August as National Water Quality Month.

专注于自然资源, 网赌最正规的软件通常认为理所当然, the North Florida Green Chamber has announced its inaugural Water Quality Award to be presented at the end of August.

“We often fail to recognize how regular human activities impact our water quality. Water Quality Month reminds us how our actions affect our waterways and sources. 这个奖项将关注网赌最正规的软件在当地的表现. 水质月提醒网赌最正规的软件要花很长时间, hard look at what businesses and our community are doing to protect sources of fresh water,NFGCC执行董事Christina W. Kelcourse, Esq, CFP, CRPC.

The Water Quality Award will recognize examples of water quality improvement and conservation that best demonstrates significant, 持久的, and measurable excellence in water quality improvement or in prevention of water quality degradation by Green Chamber members and other businesses in North Florida.

NFGCC is a regional net工作ing organization for all sizes of businesses and community organizations including non-profits that emphasize green and 可持续的商业实践. 该奖项是与圣. 约翰护河者.

What are you doing to protect and conserve your sources of freshwater? Let the Green Chamber know so they can acknowledge you during National Water Quality Month or nominate someone.

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Plastic Free July can be an effective way to start your sustainable journey. 遵循以下四个步骤.


如果你想经营一个更环保的企业, 是时候考虑几种不同的方法了. You can help your company make smart choices for your consumers, employees and planet. Plastic Free July can be an effective way to start your sustainable journey. 创建一个绿色企业真的比你想象的要容易.

Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people address plastic pollution, 所以网赌最正规的软件可以有更干净的街道, 更健康的水源和更好的生态系统. 一次性塑料随处可见——在网赌最正规的软件的冰箱里, 在网赌最正规的软件的邮件包装中, 在商店的货架上和当地的café.

幸运的是, solutions to reduce single-use plastics can be implemented at home, 工作, 餐馆和所有大大小小的社区. 以下是为“无塑料七月”采取行动的方法.

  1. 教育所有员工

It’s important to bring your employees on this sustainable journey. 作为一个企业,你应该采取措施做出环保的选择, 但这也取决于你的员工做出改变. You can also try to urge your customers to be make “greener” habits. 发送关于气候变化的快速事实的电子邮件, 以及你为成为一个可持续发展的企业所做的一切. 人们知道的越多,他们就越会行动.

和每个人一起制定公司每周或每月的目标. When it comes to waste, Americans produce 267 million tons every day. 你的员工如何在办公室做出改变? You could create a dedicated group to talk about green office initiatives. Feel free to hang up posters and signs to remind people about recycling and other practices you want to implement.

  1. 选择可持续的包装

无论你经营的是当地的精品店还是连锁餐厅, 你们必须考虑包装问题. These days, many businesses use plastic materials to box their products. This practice creates immense waste—and those items often make their way to our oceans. It is true that when you recycle, you can reduce carbon emissions and save immense energy. In fact, you could power a room for 14 days if you recycled 100 cans.

That said, we cannot always count on consumers to throw away their trash correctly. That is why it is important to use sustainable packaging from the start. If you conduct an audit, you will see how much plastic you use as a business. Then, you can explore greener options that 工作 for your product.

  1. 打造绿色办公室

It is essential to ensure you and your employees have a green office space. 餐饮业和零售业也是如此. Here are a few ways to make your company space more eco-friendly:


These small efforts can produce a significant difference in your business. They are simple ways to transition to a more eco-friendly office—especially throughout Plastic Free July. Make an effort to tackle at least three or more goals on this list by next month. As a result, you will be able to create an impact without too much effort. 一旦你开始了,它就变得更容易了.

  1. 尝试可重用的产品

If you own a restaurant, it is essential to use as many reusable products as you can. 否则, you’ll likely contribute to the extensive plastic pollution that plagues our oceans—up to 12.每年积累七百万公吨. As a business, you have a chance to make conscious decisions that impact the entire world. It may not seem like this step matters, but it is much more important than you might think.

You can celebrate Plastic Free July when you replace your current containers, cutlery and other plastic single-use products with sustainable alternatives. You can even replace single-use sauce and condiment bottles with refillable versions. 把这种努力作为餐厅的使命.


These tips may take some time to implement completely, but it is worth it! Use this Plastic Free July to jumpstart a sustainable initiative at your business.

You can also follow the hashtag #PlasticFreeJuly on social platforms, 或者关注PlasticFreeJuly的社交媒体账户(Twitter), LinkedIn and Facebook) to reduce your single-use plastic reliance this month and all year long.

(Emily Folk covers topics in sustainability, conservation and green technology. 你可以在她的博客上读到更多她的作品。

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